Magic Carpet Cleaning of York PA - 4 ROOMS ONLY $99.00! CALL FOR DETAILS!

Welcome to The Magic Carpet Cleaning of York, PA Website.

 Magic Carpet Cleaning is a small family owned business located in Hanover, PA.
We provide CARPET CLEANING in: Hanover PA, York PA, Gettysburg PA, Westminster MD, Harrisburg PA, Frederick MD and Chambersburg PA.
Our method of carpet cleaning is hot water extraction. We use high quality commercial grade cleaning solutions, which produce professional results. All the solution that is needed to make your carpets clean, and free of dirt is included in our low $25 per room price. We guarantee your carpets to be 100% clean, and free of dirt or your money back. If you need a reference we would be glad to give you one. Magic Carpet Cleaning currently maintains the carpets, and floors in over 100 commercial properties located throughout South Central Pennsylvania. Our company is licensed, and fully insured.

How can the quality of our work be so good with such low prices?
There are several reasons we have the lowest prices in York, PA. We use professional portable wand machines. These machine have a 100-400 psi solution pumps, and an amazing 300 feet of water lift. These machines are maintained properly, and work at maximum performance at all times. The maintenance cost are much lower than truck mounted equipment, but the quality is just as good. In fact larger companies with truck mounted units use portable equipment in hard to reach areas, such as apartment buildings. We use mini-vans which lower fuel cost. Our advertising cost are low because we only advertise on the internet, and use signage.   
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