Magic Carpet Cleaning of York PA - 4 ROOMS ONLY $99.00! CALL FOR DETAILS!
Our method of carpet cleaning is hot water extraction also commonly referred to a steam cleaning. Our powerful portable carpet machines spray a hot water cleaning solution onto your carpet fibers that bonds to the dirt, and stains. Then our powerful vacuum motors which are connected to one of our carpet wands extract all of the dirt out. This leaves your carpets smelling clean, and fresh. Our cleaning solution is safe and environmentally friendly. It will not harm anyone in your household including small children and pets. Our cleaning solution will not attract dirt once the carpet is dry.

We get the water hot with our electric bucket heaters to break down the dirt and stains. The water is kept around 180 degrees. We can get the water hotter if needed but, are very careful with residential carpeting. Most homes are not that dirty and hotter water can looses fibers, and seams.

All of the solution needed to clean your carpeting is included in the price. This includes pretreatment of stains. Some stains are settled in like red cool aid stains. To remove these stains you need a special chemical, a iron, and terry towel to heat transfer the settled in stain. Settled in pet stains that do not come out with normal extraction also require additional treatments utilizing a special tool and pet urine formula. Especially if you have pet urine in your padding. There is a extra charge for settled in stain removal. Please see our price list for details.

In our nine years of carpet cleaning, I can say that on average 75% of the stains come out of residential carpeting utilizing our hot water extraction method. The solution we add to out water takes care of the majority of them. We cannot guarantee to remove all your stains but we give it 100%. We have an assortment of commercial carpet stain removers on our vans for different settled in stains. Some stains cannot be removed, and the carpeting needs to be replaced. WHAT WE DO GUARANTEE IS THAT YOUR CARPETING IS CLEAN, AND 100% FREE OF DIRT. WHEN THE CARPET IS DRY AND YOU STILL SEE DIRT WE WILL COME BACK FREE OF CHARGE FOR A TOUCH UP. We get very little call backs because we ensure the job is done right the first time.

Red Juice stain formula. Pet stain formula
Red Juice stain formula. Pet stain formula
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